Turn Eternal Crappiness Into Eternal Happiness

Terri and Saul, Terri and Saul, how wonderful are you all.

How they met kind of by accident

How Terri looked at Saul and saw this total man of her dreams

How Saul looked at Terri and instantly knew, “I want her”

man and woman silhouette sunset kissing

How they fucked like rabbits

How mad they were for each other

The time Terri did ____

The other time Saul did ____

How the kids came

How Terri got into her career

man and woman naked at ocean kissing

How Saul got into his golfing buddies, fishing and the bars after work

How they realized it had been a month since they had sex

How they vowed to try things again as if it was the old days

How they had some frank and honest talks

How that felt good

How that didn’t work for very long

How time went by

girl and guy kissing in window

How Terri gained weight and looked kind of sallow and needed more makeup and had bad periods and then no periods at all

How Saul was losing his hair and not feeling like a man much anymore and didn’t like the pot belly when he looked in the mirror, the pot belly his father had had and that he swore he’d never have

How they realized it was several months since they had sex but they were okay with that (actually Terri realized, Saul had been keeping absolutely careful track of each day)

How Saul one day looked at Terri in the morning in bed next to him and realized he just didn’t find her attractive at all anymore

How Terri basked in the attention of this new guy at work who was selling them something, lunches with him and then other stuff

How Saul and Terri talked honestly one morning, and then again, and then again…endless talks…

How Saul’s willie didn’t work half the time with Terri

How Saul felt hardly anything anyway

man and woman kissing in bed

How Saul was going to try to test his manhood again with a girl he met after work

But how Saul didn’t because he was scared of failure

And how Saul came to me and asked me if there was any hope

And what I told Saul

And how he agreed to try it

And how they both tried it for 3 weeks

And how Saul changed…to surprisingly devastatingly totally in love with Terri again

How they started making love two or three times a day

How they realized they could live this way forever and wanted to until the day they died

How Terri’s girlfriends started to remark on her losing weight, glowing, being happy, looking years younger

three girls biking

How Saul found that he was growing some of his lost hair back and his belly was no longer so fat

How Saul felt like a total stud now, able to nail any girl, but only wanting to nail Terri

How Saul felt so blessed in abundance having the best sex of his life for 30 minutes or longer every day, sometimes twice a day, with Terri, the only woman he ever wanted

How Saul began attracting abundance in his life on other levels — 

How women fell all over Saul whereever he went even though he had eyes only for Terri

How Terri became more and more beautiful

How Saul realized he was the luckiest man alive and woke up grateful every day and had sex with Terri once, twice sometimes even three times most days…and the best sex either of them had ever had, by a country mile…

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Luke Garrett

After 36 1/2 years of marriage to a very pretty lady, she left me for her high school boyfriend. She has had 7fsiled back surgeries and many stomach surgeries. Is in constant pain, I took her back and the sex was amazing for about 2 weeks, then flatlined. Her pain makes me not want to hurt her, so I find it more difficult to get hard and stay hard with her because I don’t want to hurt her. It is now to the point of barely getting hard at all. HELP!!!

michael hunter

I do not watch porn, very infrequently attempt to masturbate, and have no health problems or take any medications.
I have a very attractive female partner, but only get partially erect and that last only a couple of minutes even with her help. I find nothing in your instructions that seems to apply to my problem.

    Matt Cook

    Your problem could very well be desensitization. Porn watching and masturbation aren’t always the source of desensitization.

    I would address that as a source of the issue. Good luck.



Joseph Baca

Hello Matt !
I just turned 67 last week (March 2015), my long distance Sweetheart (she is 68), both healthy & fit, resides in Texas sent me an awesome gift & a card for my birthday. The gift was men’s cologne I had casually mentioned in our romantic talk ~ set my heart on fire to think she thought of me with raging desire, yet the card was so immense in her emotional impact upon me & the word “Love” was given unto me. Our first encounter was in her hometown ~ a long blessed weekend, finding out about each other in a setting of dining, movies, dancing and tons of talk. Our first kiss was so beautiful and knowing physical sex was not going to happen, our understanding was mutual ~ and Yes I wanted to without any hesitation make love to her, yet this rendezvous proved the greatest of finding each other soaked with that absolute love & desire. I am true gentleman did what I do best, that is total respect and honor upon her, yet our sensuality & attraction was blooming faster than anticipated ~ she regretted not making love during my visit, then I with all that I am made it clear this was the foundation of trust and awaiting that day was the perfect recipe for what we wanted “love” & becoming as one, sharing, me eventually moving to Texas, etc.. Now that day is upon us (mid-April) here in Arizona to adore & ravish each other. As of late we have had two uncontrollable & necessary sessions of phone sex, truly unbelievable, both of us experiencing outrageous orgasms, we are so tuned into each other it’s driving us mad.
Now my issue has been a touch of ED while masterbating, but not exactly sure if it is a fact, only when my concentration is thrown off does “Ralph” take a break. I am one of those men who takes preventative maintenance in most aspects of my life, especially now at this juncture of my life. Your natural Oxytocin & Dopamine remedies sold me along with NO desensitizing self sex & porn – I am committed in becoming that man who can take my Woman, that new love into our golden years with gratifying sex on demand two or three times a day (both retired). I have read and listened to this entire introduction, talk to me, I want to get on board and I know she will join me in our pursuit of a wonderful life.
I extend my sincere appreciation for your fine work & dedication in helping the American male and female achieve the very best they can be by keeping it up and putting it in deep for a long long time.

Out of ideas

I stumbled upon your site and am looking for anything that may help my relationship. I am 40 years old, been married 16 years and have a beautiful wife and 2 great kids. On the outside looking in my life looks great but my wife and I haven’t been intimate for almost 2 years. I have turned to porn but it just makes me feel even worse about my performance issues. I think the porn has been a problem for awhile and am just starting to realize it now. My wife doesn’t even want to try anymore for fear of being let down. She says it’s easier that way. She has turned to focusing on work and is gone all the time. There is a lot of frustration and resentment in our relationship right now due to this and other reasons. I love my wife and want to be able to perform again but don’t know where to start.

I am out of ideas.


Sorry but I’ll believe it when I see/live it!

Vicki P

Hi Matt,
I recently discovered your website while going through my husbands emails after I confronted him about a sexual encounter he had with a female co-worker and also discovering that he is suffering from erectile dysfunction.
Instead of holding on to feelings of betrayl and anger, the sexual attraction I had for him when we first met has reawakened in me.
This is weird after having no sex in our marriage the last 7 years.
But he is not emotionally ready as he is dealing with feelings of guilt, etc.
I love only him.
But I want to build a life with him going forward that is like we never had before.
I want him to desire me again as I still do him.
How can I help him and our situation?

    Matt Cook

    Hi Vicki, glad you reached out and found us here.

    Much of the time, ED issues are a result of porn and desensitization from that and other things.

    I’m curious about how this has re-awakened you. And how you two could have a dead bedroom for 7 years…



Sex has always been the #1 driving force in my life, but now I’m almost 50 and it’s starting to get boring, I’m losing interest. If I lose this …heck what will motivate me?

Rolondo Escamilla

I feel like saul and terri. I wish i could do the seminar but i work nights and cant use my phone at work. Is there anything you can do to help?



John in the Sticks

39 going on 40 soon. I get so down sometimes. I am an decent guy and decent looking but damn it just feels like there is no hope, no way out. I know we are supposed to be positive when commenting on motivational teachings or how we become what we think/feel and I mean that in the least woo-woo sense but have I been really down and it has been getting worse. Maybe finding an cool girl to have mind blowing sex is just what I need right now but how do I get over my bullshit to make this happen?

    Matt Cook

    no reason to be positive if you don’t feel that way. I am so sorry to hear your pain. I am not sure we simply become what we think or feel either. That is very simplistic and where’s the evidence. I’ve seen a hundred guys think positive and in fact they have lost everything. It takes thinking AND it takes action to change things, right?

    In my experience, making a small change is a good start. Something you can do today or this weekend. What can you think of that might be a small step in the right direction that you can actually do right away?

    For example, perhaps going to a dance club that offers a lesson before the main event. Dance with some girls while taking a beginner’s lesson. A nice thing to do, gets you out there, isn’t super high pressure, is physically satisfying.

    Another example, instead of coming home and watching TV, go to the neighborhood coffee place or bar that has people in it and sit around and just chit chat for 30 minutes.

    Another example, look for a meetup group this weekend, maybe around something you are interested in, like photography, opera, or bike riding.

    Just one small step is super helpful in getting out of this painful period you are in. Keep responding here and let us know what’s going on.




    Matt – I have found that being lonely starts inside. Some people are made/born that way so have to learn to be alone but not lonely. Others are there by circumstances, others by both. We are all controlled by our inner picture – too comples to chat about that now – but what I did was to put an ad in the paper and invited lonely people to get in touch. 13 so far. I am just about to go to another get-together with around 8 people like me. Good stuff! I have met some really great people. Perhaps I will meet anoher ‘perfect woman’ like the last wife of 25 years, now deceased. But DO IT! Dance clubs are a good beginning.

      Matt Cook

      this is a fantastic insight and I really appreciate your sharing it with us here.

      I think you are right, if I get the gist of what you mean, about loneliness and thoughts.



Sung Yul Taylor

I believe you have answers a lot of people are looking for Matt and for you giving your gift, I only have praise for you. I’ve been single my whole life and I don’t get it. I don’t see how an amazing girl seems to elude me, seemingly no matter what I do. Perhaps I need to talk to you like Saul did. I’m willing to do almost anything at this point. Almost.

    Matt Cook

    Thank you but I have no gift.I have been lucky enough to really hit bottom, and then be blessed with stumbling on a way out that has helped me and a lot of other guys.

    I think we had a phone call scheduled but I called you 15 minutes late, and sent you an email saying i was late, but didn’t hear back. Let me know when we can chat.



Lucky In Love

I don’t know what to do. My girlfriend says she loves me, but that she doesn’t feel the same way I do. She doesn’t feel a strong sex drive. She doesn’t want to talk about it even. I’m miserable and don’t want to leave her. I still love her. Not sure what to do. And maybe that’s why I’ve had a lot of trouble with the willie for the last four or five years. I think it is all connected. What do you think I should do?


honestly for the last 3 years or maybe more, our sex life has been pretty terrible.

Ican’t remember when she last agreed to have sex with me, and lots longer ago than that when she really wanted me. But when we do the horizontal its great, at leaat for me. but then its always not now, i’m stressd out, this weekend maybe ect ect ect

sometims i thinks he deliveryly gets her period just to avoid the topic. I am very interestd n nirvana sex. it can save our relatinshp

thanks for yor great work matt

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