January 15, 2013

Do you believe that willpower determines success?

Many studies show that willpower is the key to improving a lot of things.

Have you heard of David Blaine?

Courtesy Of www.flickr.com/photos/72131699@N00/4278810729/

Courtesy Of www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/4278810729/

David Blaine locked himself in a block of ice and sat motionless for 72 hours without sleep.

Watch this brief video here

He also held his breath for 17 minutes, televised on Oprah.

If you want to see how he did it, this video features him explaining how he grew up to do these feats and how he held his breath for 17 minutes

I’m mentioning David Blaine because he shows us that we can in fact build up our willpower to do amazing things.

By noticing what someone like David Blaine does, we can learn how to do simpler things like:

  • Last 30 minutes or longer even if we have issues now
  • Steadily build our skills to be better than most men at things like golf or tennis even if we’ve never played before
  • Reduce our weight and eat better

Studies show that willpower can be strengthened quite easily.

The method involves looking at willpower as a muscle.

You can lift a heavy weight for so many reps and then your muscles get tired.

If you rest and lift the weight again it will become a little easier.

If you keep practicing your lifts the weight that seemed heavy will now seem light.

The willpower muscle works pretty much the same way.

You practice willpower and then recharge your willpower muscle and then you are able to apply more willpower and more willpower each time you practice.

This practice of building what I call the willpower muscle will make it easier and easier for you to make goals and realize your dreams.

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No need to hold your breath for 17 minutes, lol.

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