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Americans were watching the first men to walk on the moon.

A neighbor introduced Chad into the joys of porn (“P” as we often say in these emails.)

And showed Chad how to “M.”

That was the instant beginning of a life long problem with “M” and “P” as we call it in these emails.

Chad could not get enough. Sometimes three or four times a day.

And it continued even after he got married.

He thought marriage would end his issues with P and M but it didn’t.

Chad felt distant from his wife. That is a common effect from P and M — real women seem less than exciting.

And he had great difficulties even being interested in “Sue”.

P was much more stimulating and they made love as seldom as possible.

And after a few years, they divorced.

Now he’s in a new relationship and everything has changed.

Chad is so excited about his new life.

He has discovered the urge to get over a lifelong problem with P and M.

He now knows that P can become an addiction that affects the brain physically.

P gets the brain hooked on the hormone dopamine.

The dopamine addiction is what P is all about, nothing to do with women.

The brain’s pleasure center gets hooked on dopamine from P and that is what causes what Chad knows now is “de-sensitization.”

It is totally not his fault. Chad was completely innocent.

As are you.

Now, Chad knows the truth and he is taking charge and wow, he is an excited and determined man.

He feels that the issues he’s had have made him perform poorly in bed with women and now he is really excited about being excited with his new girlfriend.

His former addiction to P made him shy and distant but he is coming out of his shell.

He is claiming the life of being a strong determined man in passionate love with his girlfriend.

Watch my emails for more about Chad tomorrow and announcement of the next web training class.

I’m excited for you!

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