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Raising testosterone naturally

Quick summary: This is for guys who want higher testosterone rates and here are two proven ways to perhaps double your T without gels, pills, supplements or injections.

Sure some guys need extra testosterone and they have to get it from gels or injections

But they are few and far between. The medical establishment and Big Pharma has figured out how to exploit men by charging vast amounts for bioidentical testosterone supplement gels or injections.

But most men don’t need this. (I’m huge on supplements, not saying they’re bad, referring here to giving someone extra bioidentical testosterone…which often has a lot of side effects…)

One who does need extra testosterone, say, is a man who had traumatic surgery and chemotherapy for cancer. His T levels fell from normal to near zero.

But most men reading this do not need to take supplements and the supplements can cause a lot of harm.

They raise your estrogen levels.

raising testosterone levels with more sex

They can increase the chances of heart attack.

They can mess with your red blood count and cause a host of other problems.

They should be an ultra last resort.

What if there was a way to raise your T levels without this?

Here’s a real testimony I found:


“My Doctor Freaked Out…”

My total testosterone went from ~550 to 911 according to my last lab tests.

This is on a scale of 300 – 900.

So I currently have the test levels of a 21 YO, and Im 41 YO.

That was not always the case.

I used to be more in line with a 70 YO. My Dr freaked out on my test levels because Im off the scale. 


We’ll call this guy “Bill” as he is anonymous (all the guys I work with or talk about remain anonymous and privacy is always protected.)

Bill had really bad ED, and low T levels, and was really sick for a long time.

Bill says he got erectile problems about 8 years ago. Then he started ED medication and that worked for awhile, but eventually quit working.

We would say Bill was on the classic path to desensitization. The problem probably began with erections that weren’t quite as hard, and then it progressed to going soft, and then eventually being soft all the time.

Bill was going to the doctor for years over low testosterone levels and general poor health. And he wasn’t even 40 when this really started.

What he did to fix the problem?

God might have helped Bill.

I’m sure God (or whatever your concept of the Higher Being is) can help anyone. The idea of a higher power in charge of everything, and especially a loving and caring higher power, seems to help everyone.

Bill is a Christian and he says he grew much more in touch with his higher power and thinks this could really have helped his recovery. And…

Bill made important changes to his diet

Diet can have a profound effect on T levels.

One of the sources of illness and low T is internal inflammation. Diet can conquer that to a great degree, and when that gets better, everything gets better.

Perhaps this is why Bill’s T levels shot up. This is a huge one and it gets to the cause of low T.

The cause of low T — normally doctors never even ask. They don’t care why T is low. But if T is low, isn’t something causing it? Doctors are focused on treating symptoms, not causes. And we all suffer from that focus.

men  having more sex raise their testosterone levels

My findings are that low T is often caused by internal inflammation. And often environmental factors that cause estrogen levels to be too high in a man. 

And there is a third factor that Bill found is important, and he thinks this is THE thing that did it for him:

How sex can raise your T levels

Some scientists took a group of guys who didn’t get erections. These guys had Problems.

The scientists helped the guys recover their erections — through pills, pumps, whatever. Just enough to start having partner sex again.

And guess what happened to the T levels for these guys? Higher and higher. In fact, more sex = higher T levels. And it didn’t matter how they had sex — except only partner sex did it, not masturbation.

Yes the more partner sex you have, the more your T levels rise

Because masturbation hasn’t been shown to raise T levels.

In fact, Bill thinks that stopping masturbation helped his T levels improve drastically.

I tend to agree. I have developed a method to help men recover totally from ED. It works for thousands of men. And this method will also most probably raise your testosterone levels through the roof. All on its own.

Click here for an advanced webinar that shows you how to fix desensitization and go from “dead down there” to raging confidence.

And please make sure to leave a comment or question if I can be of any help.


erections come and go – why? And why no desire for my wife?


I’m a 54 yo man. I’ve been dealing with this for the last 20 yrs.

I believe a lot of my problem began due to lack of feeling desired from my wife which left me feeling what is wrong with me.

I’m currently divorced 2 half yrs now.

Last 10 yrs I went through. Clinical depression taking 2 anti-depressants which killed my drive & erections after divorcing I came off my anti-depressants. T

hat helped some. But still deal with ED. My Dr says I have profermance anxiety.

I get night erections multiple times a night for a few weeks then it’s like they leave me for a few weeks.

When I go to have sex with someone; most of the time I get erected then lose it & sometimes I don’t ever get up.

It’s frustrating.

I’ve learned Levitra works best for my with the BP meds & cholerterole meds I take but still not a guantaree either.

I do have low testerstone had gotten down to 222 and currently taking Andor-Gel 1.62% and been on it a yr now which brought my T levels back up to 755.

Suppose to use 3 pumps daily.

But have backed down to 1 pump daily. I’ve been on this a yr now & starting to notice my testicles starting to shrink.

With the Andro-gel not boosting my sex drive nor helping with erections I’m wondering why take this. I can’t tell it’s helped me any is why I have backed off this own my own.

When I’m having regular night time erections the sensentitivity in my penis is better.

Still not great.

But when I’m not noticing or waking with night erections the sensivity is less. It’s rare when I really feet Horney. I’d love to feel this on a regular basis again. Can u help me? I sure hope so.


Rick, here’s what I see when I read your note.

I see a guy who has some underlying metabolic problem that leads to all sorts of health issues.

The doctors treat just the symptoms. Their approach:

Your testosterone is low, so  take testosterone hormones. You aren’t getting good erections, so take Levitra.

I’m in my 50s also and I’m fortunate that I found out how this works. I’m taking nothing and haven’t for years. It’s because I’ve figured out what the causes of these problems are.

If you fix the cause, you an eliminate the need to take anything. And it’s far better because you are healthier, live happier and avoid medication and side effects.

2013-06-20_15-49-33 girl kneeling next to bed non-porn erotic

So what is the underlying medical issue? I am hopelessly unqualified to determine that. But it is safe to say that your body is out of balance and I will let you in on one secret right here that can change everything.

Speaking of which, I don’t buy the doctor’s explanation about performance anxiety either. All the total symptoms you talk about:

Lack of desire for your wife (if I understood that correctly)

Poor erections and inconsistent erections

Blood pressure issues

Low testosterone

These can all be fixed when you change your lifestyle just a bit. 

I address all this in my T Liftoff Formula home study course, so I won’t get into it here. That course shows you in a series of videos how to raise your testosterone, end the need for blood pressure meds and cholesterol meds, and get a lot more sensitivity in your penis. Better erections. More desire.

I want to talk specifically in the remaining part here about the angle of inconsistent erections.

You should wake up with an erection every morning. If you don’t something may be wrong

Yes, every day, a man should wake up with a strong morning erection. Morning wood as us guys often call it.

(I wonder if the Beatles had this in mind with Norwegian Wood, LOL…)

Morning wood is a very good diagnostic tool. If you aren’t having it, it tells you that your hormones are a bit out of whack. You might miss a day here or there, but overall it is quite important to consistently have morning erections.

Now let’s talk a key point on hormone levels.

Hormone levels are very complicated and not what people and doctors think.

The hormone that can fix almost everything — and no it’s not testosterone

Of all the important hormones perhaps none is more important to desire and performance as Oxytocin.

Oxytocin, the hormone of that strong loving feeling you have for someone.

Oxytocin love brings the deepest level of joy and desire for someone.

Oxytocin builds strong erections.

It shortens the time between when you can come and then get another erection and come again.

It increases your sensitivity off the charts.

Then a companion hormone is quite important to. I’m talking…

…dopamine, the hormone of want and needing someone or something. Dopamine = want.

Dopamine driven behaviors cause us to smoke, drink, gamble, eat, have sex, ask a woman out, buy a new iPhone. Dopamine is a fine hormone because it’s fun to want someone physically right now.

But dopamine also creates the “pleasure pain” meaning with the pleasure of wanting, comes the pain afterwards. It’s done. Over. Never as good as I thought it would be.

Don’t build your life around dopamine…

So dopamine is not a dependable hormone to build your life around. It’s something to watch.

The more of something you want, and the more you physically feel that wanting…well that’s dopamine.

You may notice when you lust after someone or something…how you are breathing faster, your heart speeds up, and how you are hyped up…that’s true if you lust after a girl or a new iPhone. It’s exactly the same.

It’s all dopamine.

2013-06-20_13-34-43 pretty asian girl in bathing suit at beaach head and bust

And to a smaller degree dopamine drives you to check your email or Facebook account all during the day, or your text messages. Something new might be there. Something new is there! It’s a little spurt of dopamine in the brain.

Dopamine behaviors are addictive. They’re all about addiction.

But we need dopamine. I like being addicted to food, drink and sex, or I’d die. Dopamine is cool but you don’t want it in the driver’s seat. You don’t want dopamine running your life.

There are a bunch more hormones but here is what I want to really say here. Consistent erections and morning wood every morning…zero problems getting and staying hard…being able to last a long time…feeling great desire for your girlfriend or wife…this is made possible by one thing.

Increase the oxytocin in your brain, and you will usually have consistent desire, erections and performance

At this point, you’re saying, “hey can I get Oxytocin and take it like a pill?”

Nope, unfortunately. It’s available as a nasal spray but a really bad idea to take it.

But you can’t take oxytocin hormone up your nose (it comes as a nasal spray) and have it do any good. You have to generate it yourself in your brain.

Awhile back after years of off and on problems I figured out how to build oxytocin consistently. These along with some simple solo activities can bring everything back.

And surprisingly enough, bringing up your Oxytocin will fix depression in most cases. They are very much related. Increasing Oxytocin levels makes you feel less anxious, happier, calmer, more satisfied with life.

This isn’t just my experience, it’s study after study that is showing the value of Oxytocin.

It’s really a case of being out of balance, as I wrote at the beginning of this blog post. And when a guy says “I’m not getting good morning erections, I’m feeling inconsistent, I don’t always have desire,” I think “yep, this is a low Oxytocin situation.”

Low Oxytocin = Desensitization, the cause of almost all men’s performance problems

This fact was established by scientists 25 years ago: that desensitization was the cause of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation and difficulty ejaculating. Then someone stumbled on Viagra and game over as far as FIXING the problem for men.

Now it’s all about getting you to take more pills.That’s what the drug companies are all about, and they train the doctors and pay for all the research.

Cures? Forget it.

It’s all about getting men to take more pills.

2013-06-20_14-46-20 b and white girl taking mans underwear off in bed no porn

But if you just rely upon the pills, you won’t get much pleasure as you could.

You won’t build the desire you want.

You won’t restore your body to the optimal health you are after.

You won’t have the good strong natural erections that men have a God-given right to expect.


Try the Cookster’s prescription (but always check with your doc)

Here are my concluding thoughts. Make sure you stop all masturbation and any watching of porn whatever. Those all really continue throwing your hormones out of balance. The cycle of looking at porn, or fantasizing, and masturbation, is quite harmful to your hormonal balance.

It doesn’t matter if you only VIEW porn and don’t masturbate to porn. Either way it is very desensitizing.

Also, do a lot of naked cuddling and eye gazing and hand holding with the one you love. Have long sessions of intercourse, the more the better.

And as you get older, the fewer ejaculations the better. Ejaculations drain a man. When a man is young it hardly matters but as a man gets into middle age it really takes its toll. Aim for 30 to 60 minutes of intercourse a day, with maybe one ejaculation on occasion, but not all the time.

This is what restores your sensitivity and the Oxytocin in your brain. This is what often fixes all the things you describe as far as inconsistent erections, not always having morning wood (or never having it), not feeling much, even depression and anxiety.

If you feel it would serve, register for my brand new webinar that shows you how to fix ED and get your feeling and pleasure back better than pills. Click here to see if it’s still available.





But who is 

Testosterone supplements raise your estrogen levels


I’ve been having the problem of getting soft after penetrating .

I didn’t want to believe watching porn could produce this problem.

I thought it was blood pressure medication.

After I got the medication changed/reduced the problem did not remit fully.

I thought it might be low testosterone and had that checked.

My testosterone level was low so I got prescribed something to pick it up..

After I used it a while I could perform again. However I have never gone as long as you indicate in the promo leading up to this offer. I would like to. Hopefully I can get back to the order page.



The rage nowadays is for doctors to give out testosterone like ice cream at a church social.

Testosterone supplements are supposed to fix ED.

They don’t.

2013-08-27_15-18-01 flummoxed guy

And further, the Cookster doesn’t believe that 99% of men who get testosterone supplements need them.

Here’s the problem.

Your body converts testosterone into the most powerful form of estrogen, estradiol.

That’s right…your body creates estrogen out of testosterone.

Many men have high levels of estrogens already. 

Estrogen levels are higher than they should be because many chemicals you put on your skin and put into your mouth resemble estrogens to your body.

These are called xenoestrogens. They can be 10,000 times more powerful than natural estrogen.

2013-08-27_15-26-13 sexy but not porn photo back raked with nails

If you supplement with testosterone, chances are your body will begin creating higher amounts of estrogen.

High estrogen levels — and xenoestrogens — can result in:

  • Poor erections, getting soft midway
  • Low motivation
  • Difficulty exercising
  • Difficulty losing that spare tire around your belly

Yet, men get testosterone supplements and the doctors often do not monitor their estrogen levels!

Plus, even if they get an estrogen blood test, it doesn’t always reveal the pervasive influence of xenoestrogens.

Are you suffering from high estrogen levels?

Virtually all laundry detergent has powerful xenoestrogens in them. These don’t get rinsed off completely. They sit in your clothing and as you sweat they go into your skin and bind to the estrogen receptor sites in your body.

When you eat foods microwaved in plastic, you consume xenoestrogens that have a powerful feminizing influence.

When you drink water from a plastic bottle, and you taste a little plastic taste, you are consuming xenoestrogens that can exert a powerful feminizing effect.

But doctors often don’t know this.

And, more than anything else, supplements of testosterone increase your sex drive in some cases, but…

Testosterone supplements don’t fix your erections

Many guys report to me “Matt, I increased my T levels after I went to the doctor. But I still can’t get hard and stay hard.”

The solution my involve testosterone supplements as part of the answer. Your T levels do decline as you age. And they may be too low.

But if you supplement right away with testosterone you run a high risk of increasing your estrogen levels that are already too high in many of us.

Too high due to problems in our diet, in our laundry room and in our bathrooms.

What I have found is that there are natural ways to increase testosterone.

woman with cleavage without food normal

These have very positive effects.

Naturally raising your T levels can also lower your estrogen levels. Most men don’t need as much estrogen as they have in their bodies due to all the xenoestrogens that end up in their bodies. So lowering estrogen levels should be a high priority.

Raising your T levels naturally has many benefits over supplements

T levels are easily raised naturally for almost all men who do the right diet and exercise. I don’t mean working out 30 minutes a day every day, either.

I mean just being active.

And eliminating the xenoestrogens that are in your diet and that you are putting in your mouth and on your skin.

Here is a quick guide for you:

  • Avoid soy and flaxseeds — these contain a lot of estrogens and the only type of soy I ever eat is soy sauce that has been naturally fermented — fermentation makes all the difference
  • Don’t ever use anything with parabens in it — most shampoo…most liquid soaps…check the labels

  • Don’t microwave in plastic. Microwave in glass instead

  • Use olive oil, coconut oil or palm oil — or grassfed butter — but not vegetable oil including soy, corn safflower or cotton seed oil. “Vegetable oil” is almost always soy oil…not good!

  •  Don’t store foods in plastic in the refrigerator especially foods with acidic ingredients such as tomato sauce

  • Don’t drink hot liquids from plastic cups — the hot water leaches out xenoestrogens

  • Avoid putting any product that has rosemary or sage, in it, on your skin. It’s okay to eat these — but putting them on the skin should be a no-no.

I’ll have more to say on the subject or naturally raising testosterone levels in the next day or so.

Kindly leave a question or comment. Thanks


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