Women have so many secret pleasure places

The clitoris has over 8000 nerve endings.

More than any other organ in the human body, male or female.

Boys and girls start the same in the womb. Only later on as the baby develops in the mother does the boy acquire penis and testicles, the girl vagina and ovaries…

We start from the same material. The same clay…

Beyond that…

Men are easily capable of orgasm and ejaculation then a rest…then maybe again. After awhile. 

Women can have orgasm after orgasm. 10 orgasms in a row.

Maybe 20.

Lucky people, women in that way. And in this way too…because


Women have these secret pleasure places…

Yes, it’ not just the ones everyone already knows about.

For instance, women have a little patch of spongy tissue just inside their vagina and that’s the G-spot and it is extra special for some women.

It’s easy to get to and easy to help them get off with.

And deeper in there is another spot, the A-spot, that really delivers the goods. 

The A-spot gets a woman to lubricate easily and gives her enormous pleasure…

Many women stop lubricating before or after menopause. The A-spot can get her nice and wet again. How wonderful is that!

And there is a secret of the clit that almost nobody knows…

Even most gynecologists get this all wrong

The clitoris is a huge organ…as big as a man’s penis actually! Yes, that little cute nub is actually as big as your penis, quite likely.

Wow. Women are amazing.

They have many pleasure places that men don’t have.

2013-08-19_00-04-00 six cute girls with car

Just amazing.

I’m in awe of every woman. Every woman is beautiful. We miss their beauty often because of our own hangups.

We’re so worried about our penis working, or about getting into her pants, that we fail to notice how gorgeous she is. 

So let’s not do that anymore. Let’s see our woman for just a moment as the beauty she is. Just for a moment. The awe that she is gracing our world just now.

Are you in awe yet? Is she taking your breath away? This article is about just feeling for a moment the awe in a woman’s beauty…

Tell me how you feel — your thoughts. Are you awake to your woman’s beauty just now? Just for a moment? It feels really good…


What does it mean if she never initiates?

“Matt, why doesn’t she ever ask for sex anymore?”

Many men write to me with this complaint and there is something they are *so* missing.

It has to do with laundry.

When I was single, I used to grab all my dirty clothes in a basket and trudge over to the laundry.

My building didn’t have a laundry. I would enter the coin laundry. It smelled of that weird combination of mustiness and soap.

And I’d lift the lids of the machines to make sure they were empty before tossing my laundry into three or four washers.

Then it was hurry and wait. Or else leave and come back and risk someone taking my stuff out and throwing it on the floor so they could use the washer (I had that happen).

Now I’m with Jodi.

And Jodi does my laundry. I’ve forgotten how to do laundry.

(And thankfully today we have a great washer and dryer right in our home.)

So the woman in my house does all the laundry. Fair?

Yes, fair.

Jodi doesn’t like cooking as much as I do, so I do most of that. And she can’t fix her computer worth a darn, so when the screen goes blank or the keyboard won’t work, she calls me and I fix it.

In a partnership, one of us is strong in one thing, and that makes the other weak. When we get together, the strong partner takes over a function, and the weaker partner can be relieved of what they aren’t good at and don’t enjoy.

So she doesn’t initiate…because you do it for her!

If you, the man, initiate all the time, she’ll stop initiating. Why should she? You’re doing that.

Mike stopped initiating. “I just got tired of being the only one who was asking for sex, Matt.”

It got a bit weird, says Mike. “Nothing happened for weeks and weeks. She didn’t seem to notice.”

Why do you want her to initiate sex anyway, I asked Mike. 

But I know the answer, and so do you. Think about it.

Us guys love women to initiate sex…because it shows us that the woman *really* likes sex with us.

If she doesn’t initiate, how do you know she really wants you?

So that’s really the issue. Does she enjoy sex with you?

Does she want you?

If you didn’t initiate would she ask?

How long would it take?

What an interesting experiment. One you aren’t likely to try because you won’t want to risk finding out she never asks.

The nub of the reason she isn’t initiating is, therefore, that she doesn’t particularly love sex with you at this point.

Three reasons she doesn’t initiate sex with you

1. You pound away. Delayed ejaculation is what it’s called. It’s when you pound away and nothing happens. I’ll share with you why you don’t come in another post, and what to do about it.

2. You initiate all the time, so she’s learned she doesn’t have to. Use it or lose it — her skills at initiating with you are now rusty.

3. You aren’t really satisfying her.

Women are satisfied with sex in the long run only if the sex is both emotionally and physically satisfying. 

It’s the emotionally and physically satisfying part that is key.

Oral sex may deliver a great orgasm, but it’s not emotionally satisfying like having your penis inside her.

Masturbation delivers an orgasm, but it isn’t as satisfying as oral sex to her.

When she doesn’t initiate, it often means that she isn’t really that thrilled with sex these days. And it means you want to make some changes.

She isn’t emotionally and physically satisfied.

Please leave a comment or question! That really encourages me when I know you’re following this stuff and are awake, lol.


suffering negative thoughts this holiday season? Here's what to do

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Do you have trouble with the same thoughts going around and around?

This email will help you get rid of these negative thoughts that repeat over and over.

There is a part of the brain called the mind. It is really a thin layer of cells on the outer part of the brain.

Then there is a much larger section of the brain consisting of various parts that you can think of like a computer.

This part of the brain generates thoughts like a computer does.

Over and over.

The thoughts are generated out of habit, the way a computer program runs the same way each time because nobody has changed the program.Continue reading

Chad's Story

Courtesy Of www.flickr.com/photos/63695568@N07/7563260944/

Courtesy Of www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/7563260944/

Americans were watching the first men to walk on the moon.

A neighbor introduced Chad into the joys of porn (“P” as we often say in these emails.)

And showed Chad how to “M.”

That was the instant beginning of a life long problem with “M” and “P” as we call it in these emails.

Chad could not get enough. Sometimes three or four times a day.

And it continued even after he got married.

He thought marriage would end his issues with P and M but it didn’t.

Chad felt distant from his wife. That is a common effect from P and M — real women seem less than exciting.

And he had great difficulties even being interested in “Sue”.

P was much more stimulating and they made love as seldom as possible.

And after a few years, they divorced.

Now he’s in a new relationship and everything has changed.

Chad is so excited about his new life.

He has discovered the urge to get over a lifelong problem with P and M.

He now knows that P can become an addiction that affects the brain physically.

P gets the brain hooked on the hormone dopamine.

The dopamine addiction is what P is all about, nothing to do with women.

The brain’s pleasure center gets hooked on dopamine from P and that is what causes what Chad knows now is “de-sensitization.”

It is totally not his fault. Chad was completely innocent.

As are you.

Now, Chad knows the truth and he is taking charge and wow, he is an excited and determined man.

He feels that the issues he’s had have made him perform poorly in bed with women and now he is really excited about being excited with his new girlfriend.

His former addiction to P made him shy and distant but he is coming out of his shell.

He is claiming the life of being a strong determined man in passionate love with his girlfriend.

Watch my emails for more about Chad tomorrow and announcement of the next web training class.

I’m excited for you!

Unit won't get ready or stay ready

January 17, 2013
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Courtesy Of www.flickr.com/photos/wiseacre/312839512/

A lot of guys tell me that their units won’t stay in “locked position” for very long.

Units are not really reliable. A man can’t make his unit get ready for a woman.

it is on the other hand quite easy to think of Grandma Ann and your unit will fall from attention quickly.

So a man can get rid of a hardon but can’t will one to happen.

It’s just how we are built.

Our units may not stay locked and ready or they may not ever get there.

There are many reasons for this problem but really the primary reason is desensitization.

Desensitization is a brain problem. It isn’t “all in your head” — it’s very real, the same as an infected tooth is “in your head” but real.

The stuff the docs give you is designed to treat physical problems. The little blue fellas they give you prevent the natural ending of nitric oxide that maintains things.

Nitric oxide also is involved with your heart and that’s why they have to be careful with these blue fellas.

But they don’t work for many men anyway because they don’t actually solve the desensitization issue.

We have identified four issues with men that we can help with through a simple at-home confidential method that works.

1. Getting and keeping hard
2. Lasting a long time
3. Premature
4. Desensitization from too-frequent porn use

We put this into trainings and you can get them right here right now.

And if you feel you have issues with lasting, or with entering, or with coming too quickly, this will really help you.

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