Women have so many secret pleasure places

The clitoris has over 8000 nerve endings.

More than any other organ in the human body, male or female.

Boys and girls start the same in the womb. Only later on as the baby develops in the mother does the boy acquire penis and testicles, the girl vagina and ovaries…

We start from the same material. The same clay…

Beyond that…

Men are easily capable of orgasm and ejaculation then a rest…then maybe again. After awhile. 

Women can have orgasm after orgasm. 10 orgasms in a row.

Maybe 20.

Lucky people, women in that way. And in this way too…because


Women have these secret pleasure places…

Yes, it’ not just the ones everyone already knows about.

For instance, women have a little patch of spongy tissue just inside their vagina and that’s the G-spot and it is extra special for some women.

It’s easy to get to and easy to help them get off with.

And deeper in there is another spot, the A-spot, that really delivers the goods. 

The A-spot gets a woman to lubricate easily and gives her enormous pleasure…

Many women stop lubricating before or after menopause. The A-spot can get her nice and wet again. How wonderful is that!

And there is a secret of the clit that almost nobody knows…

Even most gynecologists get this all wrong

The clitoris is a huge organ…as big as a man’s penis actually! Yes, that little cute nub is actually as big as your penis, quite likely.

Wow. Women are amazing.

They have many pleasure places that men don’t have.

2013-08-19_00-04-00 six cute girls with car

Just amazing.

I’m in awe of every woman. Every woman is beautiful. We miss their beauty often because of our own hangups.

We’re so worried about our penis working, or about getting into her pants, that we fail to notice how gorgeous she is. 

So let’s not do that anymore. Let’s see our woman for just a moment as the beauty she is. Just for a moment. The awe that she is gracing our world just now.

Are you in awe yet? Is she taking your breath away? This article is about just feeling for a moment the awe in a woman’s beauty…

Tell me how you feel — your thoughts. Are you awake to your woman’s beauty just now? Just for a moment? It feels really good…


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Tim Koenig

Okay. You speak of the A-spot, but just where is it exactly? How do I find it? And how is a clot just as big as a penis? Don’t see that.

    Matt Cook

    Hi Tim, the A-spot is in the far corner of the vagina on her belly side and along each side of the vagina, before the cervix.

    The clit is really as big as a penis, but it’s mostly hidden. This is a very little-known fact that is ultra important. Most women miss this altogether and like most men they think their clit is just the little nub of a button, but that is just the tip of it.

    I’m putting together some videos that will show you how to reach her A-spot and G-spot and the full on clitoris for a wonderful experience for everyone. It’s made a huge difference in my life and for many guys.



      Bob Baird

      How can I obtain your videos on the “G” and “A” spots access?

Gopalakrishnan C S

Hi ,

I am 60 plus and I feel I have very nearly lost my libido . This is rather disturbing my mind and the ego .

Could you please advise anything natural that I should observe/follow/ practise ( no pills, supplements please ) in order to regain some fraction of my diminishing libido ?

Thanks a ton , in advance.


    Matt Cook

    Hi G, I hear ya. I don’t find pills or supplements particularly helpful in most cases. But I do find some to be a great help.

    For example, there is iodine. Most men are very low on iodine and iodine can help fix libido issues very quickly in many men.

    Another example is removing estrogens from the diet and from what you put on your skin or bathe with. This is why I never eat soy products (except a little soy sauce now and then if it’s fermented naturally). I avoid using most detergent and soap products except for certain ones because they go through the skin and bind to our estrogen receptor sites and cause us to lose our libido and get messed up in many other ways.

    I would look at medications you may be taking. These can cause drop in libido.

    I would look at this as a possible health issue and make sure you get a good medical examination and good blood workup, if you haven’t already. If the drop has been sudden that can be a warning sign.

    Let’s assume you’ve done the above, now what?

    Libido is hormonal and of course there is testosterone. I’m assuming you’ve had yours checked? Raising testosterone naturally must be coupled with blocking estrogens and xeno-estrogens from food and whatever you put on your body (soaps, shampoos, laundry detergent.)

    Testosterone can be turned into estrogen in the body, so supplements often backfire.

    Much if not almost all the time, low libido can be result of bad fats in the diet. These bad fats trigger internal inflammation in the body. Side effects include low libido, poor erection quality, weight problems, blood pressure problems, and many of the “modern” diseases we assume we all have to have.

    Using grass fed butter, animal fats, coconut oil and such, and getting rid of ALL vegetable oil in the diet, can work wonders.




      What types of soaps and lotions would you recommend?


        The question, what types of soaps and lotions you recommend?


To be in awe of a woman’s heart is really something special! To see her feel what other people need is really unbelievable and feels great when she can see what you desire and she can do something about it. I feel like I want to do something about her need to orgasm , hoping I can figgure out how to reach her heart and make not only her body cum but her mind and even her soul! All this is great if I had a women that I could research this with and maybe keep her , if I wanted to….

    Matt Cook

    You will find her, David, you will. And you will reach her heart for sure.

    How exciting!




    devid your comment the best

Don Kiesling

I’m constantly in awe of my wife. We’ve been together for 32 years. Just in the last couple of years, her health has taken a downward turn and sex is the last thing on her mind. Unfortunately, I’m a guy…so it’s ALWAYS on my mind.

How do I get her to thinking about sex, obviously not when she is having a bad day, I’m not that inconsiderate. But on a good day, when there are not obvious problems. She still refuses to even consider sex, even “mercy sex”. Which, I’ll admit, I’ll still take over no sex…but I try really hard not too, because to me, that is really close to rape, if she does not want to be involved, I don’t and will not push the issue. But is there some method, or way to get her involved? She says that when she does have sex, it feels good and she likes it, but she just NEVER wants to think about having sex.
I’ll tell ya, it’s not easy sometimes to be faithful. But I made a vow to her when we got married that I would never cheat. So Far I haven’t but there are times, when I’ve actually felt like asking for permission…Is that wrong?

You’ve got to help me some here, somehow! Please???

Don Kiesling

    Matt Cook

    Don, this deserves a real thoughtful reply so I’m going to set up a new article discussing it.




Yes women are wonderful creatures and play a huge
part in all of our existance


its hard to remember that even tho she can be snippy, she is also good hearted and beautiful inside and outside. Mine had a mastectomy but she is still and always will be my most precious girl and I love her more every day. Good Bless Them All, Matt.


Thank you Matt. You remind us of how beautiful women really are. I liked your recent emails also.



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