Wow this is going to be big

This is kind of in response to guys telling me,

“Hey Matt, I tend to not be able to keep things going the way I want to. I just give up, or I have a relapse, or I don’t keep on the path I’ve set for myself.”

If this is you then don’t give up.

You’re trying to use self-discipline and that doesn’t work.

Self discipline is always in short supply

Because self discipline calls for willpower…and willpower doesn’t last very long. It wears thin real fast.

So if you haven’t been able to get where you want to be yet, perhaps it’s because you’re trying to rely upon discipline and willpower.

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And they don’t really work.

What works instead is to

Build a habit of success

Habits are continuously being formed.

Good habits and bad ones.

You just do something for a short while, and the brain cells required to do that thing start with very “intense” brain power required, but quickly move to “more automatic and less intense” brain power required brain cells. 

Remember when you learned to drive? You would sweat and it was tense and so difficult you’d feel drained when you got out of the car.

Now that you know how to drive, you magically get out of the car and don’t even remember how you drove there!

The brain cells required at first were the very intense, high energy ones. But once you learned how to drive, the “easier” brain cells took over, the ones requiring less energy and less conscious thought.

You’ve made how to drive into a habit.

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Same thing with sex, and everything to do with that. You can build a habit of successful sex, wonderful sex, sex that will curl your toes and hers too…

And once you do that, you won’t ever have a problem again.

It requires you to fix desensitization and learn some new habits.

That means building and reinforcing the habit every day

What you want is to build a habit of success. So you can begin using that habit to guide you every day, every week, without having to think about it.

This brings me to what I’m working on with the publishing company, Calworth Glenford. 

I will be able to talk about it shortly. Watch your email for the details. 

I’m thinking this will be the biggest thing that we’ve ever done. 


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Rex Payne

How can I built a habit of success unless I have success to begin with?


Thanks Matt for showing us a “new game plan” to run the offense. Instead of using chemicals that are designed for profit instead of a cure and no concern for our health, we now have the powerful tools of information and support from people who want to help us instead of picking our pockets. As with most new things introduced to a mans world of set ways, “new” often translates into difficult,awkward,and sometimes frustrating experiences. Given time and practice this new plan can and will change ours (and our ladies) lives for the better.
What better reward than to get back what makes our lives worth living. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain by going all in.

Mark Anderson

Yes….reminded me of learning to fly….Maybe a little “stressful” at first but after 100 Hrs….then 500 Hrs & eventually 16-17,000 Hrs flying as a PRO all this becomes “second nature”…..Each success builds upon itself for MORE success…..
All girls are a little different even though ALL have the basics……Every flight is a little different because of the: load….the location….the winds & weather & (of course) each aircraft (B-707….B-747….L-1011, etc) have a different set of “numbers”……We are ALWAYS striving for that “perfect Flt” as with a lady we *ALWAYS* strive to give her the “best lay” EVER !! MA

Ronald Jacobsen

This is very exciting Matt. You have no idea how helpful your articles have been. Happy New Year!




Really excited about this Matt. I’ll be looking for this tomorrow. Thank you so much and a happy New Year’s to you and your family!

    John R Blair

    I am in the learning phase and look forward to tomorrow.
    Happy New Year!

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