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January 17, 2013
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Okay, Matt Cook here. Got many notes from readers and today want to answer this one from “Brad”

“My problem is premature e. How do I cure this trouble of mine? What are its major causes?”

Drop everything and watch this video now that explains things.


…we’re doing an upcoming class and we’ll be talking about this in some more depth. (The class will be free so look for an invite just after Christmas.)

There are really two types of PE.

One type is what I call “virgin PE” and it’s where you have a very young inexperienced man who comes immediately because he’s new to intercourse and gets too excited too fast.

There is another form of PE with experienced guys and this can be due to desensitization.

Three things can really help.

1. Slow down. A lot of this stuff can go away when you savor your partner and take a lot of time.

When you get into this fast mode it can be incredibly exciting and the excitement takes you off the charts in a hurry and BAM you’re done.

So slow down instead.

2. Relax the muscles in the pelvic floor These muscles are tensed up when you come, and if you relax them consciously you won’t come so fast.

They are the same muscles you exercise when you do “Kegels”.

Focusing on these muscles, what I call the “root” is a key to having a great time and not going over the edge too quickly.

3. Breathe When you are about to come you have short shallow breaths.

When you don’t want to come, try breathing from your belly and take slow, deep breaths. Very slow, and deep from your belly — this will help you avoid falling over the edge and ending the fun early.

Stay tuned for a training class we’ll be doing soon on this and more.

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Meanwhile go here now and watch this video:

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