suffering negative thoughts this holiday season? Here’s what to do

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Do you have trouble with the same thoughts going around and around?

This email will help you get rid of these negative thoughts that repeat over and over.

There is a part of the brain called the mind. It is really a thin layer of cells on the outer part of the brain.

Then there is a much larger section of the brain consisting of various parts that you can think of like a computer.

This part of the brain generates thoughts like a computer does.

Over and over.

The thoughts are generated out of habit, the way a computer program runs the same way each time because nobody has changed the program.

These thoughts are mostly just a bunch of garbage.

Thoughts like:

I should be further ahead now.

Why am I so lonely?

Why did I screw up that relationship?

She’s going to leave me.


When you focus your mind on these garbage thoughts you tell your computer brain “these thoughts are rewarding, I’m paying attention to them” and it keeps creating them.

The more the computer brain creates these garbage thoughts and the more the mind pays attention to them, the deeper the habitual thoughts get etched into the neural pathways of the brain.

It’s like hiking trails. You know, the way a trail in the mountains gets cleared the more people walk on it.

What you need to learn to do is be okay with these thoughts, not repress them or attempt not to have them, which is another way of paying attention to them.

Instead, you’re okay with them, you are present with them enough to recognize them, RE-LABEL THEM (as garbage), and then shift your attention to a focus that is something else.

You need a “something else” to focus on. And it can’t be analysis of your situation, because analysis gives more life to the computer brain and tells it “produce more of these thoughts.”

This is why analysis doesn’t work. Analysis pays attention to the thoughts and rewards the brain’s computer, which promptly comes up with the same thoughts over and over again.

I hope this is helpful. It has been very helpful to me as I found out how easy it all is.

Are you looking for a new focus? I would suggest getting into my next coaching class when we re-open.

It’s a great focus to replace all those negative thoughts with something so positive and helpful.

Have a great holiday and don’t analyze!

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