How to choose pleasure and a happy life with full erections and maximum sensitivity

This article will be an eye opener for you if you’ve ever watched yourself do something that your higher self didn’t want you to do — but you felt powerless to stop yourself.

Now it’s all explained, and it will make you feel a lot better about your life and your behavior because it shows that it’s not your fault. You’ve been suffering because you are running programs that make you unhappy and nobody ever showed you that you had a choice in the matter!

So, one of the lessons here in these articles and in my courses is that we all run programs and that we are happiest if we choose our programs rather than just submit to being slaves to them.

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Because nature doesn’t care if you’re happy. Nature wants you to stick your dick into more females and get them pregnant. Once that happens, nature isn’t all that interested in your happiness.

That’s one program anyway. The “stick your dick in as many pussies as possible and come inside them” program.

And it may be a good one sometimes, but not other times.

Another program can make you very happy for the rest of your life. And give you the most remarkable and amazing sex life you’ve ever experienced.

Choose your programs, and live a happy life.

And the main choice I see is what I call the 

Dopamine Track or the Oxytocin Track

I’ll talk about dopamine first.

You can’t live without dopamine.

Dopamine is the master hormone of want in the body.

Hungry? Dopamine makes you feel a desire for food. It makes you want that chocolate cake, or that ribeye steak, or those french fries.

Lusting after the new smart phone? That’s dopamine.

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See a pretty girl floating around your office? Dopamine makes you want her.

There are always other hormones involved, but dopamine is central to wanting something.

When you are under the influence of dopamine, your heart races a little, you sweat a little more, your blood pressure goes up,you hyperventilate just a little. You speed up.

This is the experience, whether you are conscious of it or not, when you shop online or in a store, when you really want a new car and you’re in the showroom.

Without dopamine, we wouldn’t have sex, we wouldn’t eat and we wouldn’t live

Dopamine pushes us into decisions and into doing stuff instead of thinking about doing stuff.

When you lust after your wife or girlfriend, there is a lot of dopamine involved.

When you lust after a new girl you first meet, that’s dopamine.

So dopamine is a wonderful thing and I love my dopamine!

However, living driven primarily by dopamine, what I call the Dopamine Track, does not create happiness.

The Dopamine Track makes us very dissatisfied and unhappy

Fred is a classic example. He was with Cindy for several years and reasonably happy. Then he met young Rachel at a party. Cindy was talking to her female friends, and Fred and Rachel practically bumped into each other and Fred says, “I knew I had to have her.”

That’s the Dopamine Track.

It’s want, want, want. Need to have, need to own, need to do.

That’s our friend Dopamine.

When Fred finally hooked up with Rachel, it was incredible. It felt incredible. It wasn’t like sex with Cindy which was kind of routine and boring. 

Sex with Rachel was amazing. And she was younger and tighter and everything like that.

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But that didn’t last. Not for long. Because here’s the problem with the Dopamine Track: When we get what we want, we aren’t happy.

Fred found after awhile that Rachel was clingy and annoying. Sometimes he’d look at her after he had come inside her, and wondered what he was doing with her.

It’s like when you are hungry and you see a big old tasty cake. You gorge on cake and you feel sick. 

The Dopamine Track makes you feel dissatisfied and unhappy after you’ve got what you want.

Then of course it sets in all over again. Fred was out looking for other women and he said to himself, what am I doing? Cindy is amazing. And I have Rachel on the side. Why am I looking at other women? How awful is that?”

This is the Dopamine Track. Always 

Looking for something new

Dopamine is all about novelty. If it’s not new, it’s not interesting.

New girls, new positions, new toys, new porn, new ways to get off.

And each time, the new is exciting because dopamine is exciting, but when we get what we want, it turns dull and now it’s time for the next thrill.

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This is exactly what dopamine is supposed to do. Get us off our bottoms so instead of sitting around we go out and seek new pussy, or food, or something else we need or want.

But Dopamine creates constant dissatisfaction. We want, we get, and we are unhappy.

That’s why 

Dopamine is key in all addictive behaviors

Our brains have dopamine sensors and the sensors love getting bathed in dopamine. That’s part of what scientists call the “reward circuit” in the brain.

When we get into a behavior such as gambling, porn, or drugs, it’s all about constantly needing a fresh bath of dopamine on those brain sensors. We have to feel that dopamine or we get even more anxious, depressed and unhappy.

It always seems that the cure is whatever it is we are addicted to — the next bet, the next porn tube site, the next hit of free base.

It’s all the same to our brains — it’s an addiction that is actually an addiction to dopamine.

And all dopamine addiction is fixed the same way. Go cold turkey, handle the symptoms of things being flat, gray and boring…and eventually life turns colorful again.

But a gambler is always susceptible to gambling again. A drug user can return to the drug oh-so-easily.

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A porn user who has kicked porn can easily fall for porn again. Or it could be web cams, or having affairs. These are addictive behaviors when the dopamine kicks in and begins controlling us.

The Dopamine Track.

And the behaviors don’t just go away when we resist them successfully.

No, they are always there as a possibility.

The brain has these deep grooves in it, these nerve pathways deeply etched in the brain. These nerve pathways are always there — they fade away with less use, but they can easily be reactivated.

And the brain loves those addictions so much! 

The brain will always generate thoughts to bring back the addiction, whatever it is

“Oh, a little won’t hurt.”

“You’ve been so good, you should reward yourself.”

“Let’s just watch the porn and not masturbate to it.”

“I’ll just talk to her, I won’t try to go to bed with her.”

And a really good one:

“Now that I’ve cured myself of this addiction, let me test out how I’m cured.”

Testing is a huge perpetuator of the Dopamine Track. Our brain says, “let’s test, get hard masturbating a little, or watching a little porn, what’s wrong with that?”

A lot is wrong with that, but relapsing seems to be more common than not on the road to getting free from the Dopamine Track.

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Because we want to live our lives free from this. It is too controlling, too much like being ridden by the tiger. And it never satisfies for long, always puts us in a state of chronic dissatisfaction.

And for our friend Fred, it resulted in Cindy leaving him, and Fred taking one new girl to bed after the other, without any real connection with them and without any real happiness or love.

Fortunately, there is another track that we can live on and it is a sweet one. It’s the

Joy and pleasure of the Oxytocin Track

Oxytocin is the hormone that is found in our brains and in our testicles (and in women in their brains and in various other parts.)

Oxytocin is often called the “love hormone” but I would call it the “satisfaction hormone” because it makes you feel very satisfied with your life. 

It makes you feel very happy with your partner, and your children, and your mom and dad.

It makes you feel like you already have it all, that this is where you want to be, not somewhere else.

And most interesting of all is that

Oxytocin is tremendous for men’s erections

It makes erections last longer, come up quicker, and come back sooner after you ejaculate.

Guys all thing the major hormone for them is Testosterone. Testosterone is what makes a man a man, with a strong sex drive, muscles, lean and mean body, etc.

But Oxytocin is what makes a man feel happy and satisfied in his life.

What strikes me is that 

Oxytocin is the most amazing way to live because you feel such incredible pleasure

It makes sex the best thing in the whole world by a country mile.

It makes you want to have sex all the time, and it makes sex last and last.

And it makes the pleasure from sex equivalent with a little practice to a whole body orgasm that can last 30 minutes or an hour every time.

(Unless you want a quickie with her in which case 10 or 15 minutes…)

There is no more “I’m satisfied now what do we do next?”

Sex is never boring on the Oxytocin Track.

The problems couples have are not your problems anymore.

It is impossible for you to get bored with your partner. She is just more and more amazing all the time.

And in every other way, living on the Oxytocin Track takes the hungry want need and desperation out of life. You already have it all.

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Oxytocin helps cure depression. It makes anxiety melt away. It makes you love your family more. It makes you happy with life. It even makes you lose fat and eat less without effort.

You need both Oxytocin and Dopamine but one of the major benefits of the method and system I talk about in my courses is that your hormones get back into balance and you are no longer living on the Dopamine Track.

You can choose the Oxytocin Track and when you do, you will never look back. One of the best ways to do this is this way. Click here for a special offer only available until Saturday, January 4, 2014 midnight EST.


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