What worked for me was No porn and NO Masturbation for at least 3 months.

Then relaxing and staying focused on her, her eyes and her body language as well as openly discussing my issues.

She immediately knew me inside and after several dates my response was 1000% better to her and Mr Willie respond in kind. getting to know her and she me was the best …..




This is the constant and frequent experience for guys who have desensitization and who fix the problem.

NO porn.

NO fantasy.

NO masturbation.

And for many guys, going further and into NO orgasms (even with a partner) are super important even for a few months.

What troubles me is guys who say

“Hey, Matt, I cut back on porn and still having a problem.”

WTF? Cutting back? What about stopping completely? Obviously you aren’t convinced that porn is a real problem for you. Well it is!

What also troubles me is guys who say, “Hey sure I rub one out. But I’m still desensitized, help!”

If you masturbate in the SAME WAY AS BEFORE, you will continue the same habits of fantasy and masturbation that have led you to this place of desensitization.

You have to make a change in your life, to see a change in your sensitivity and performance.

But what about the guy who isn’t a porn user, and still suffers desensitization?

Lots of guys are suffering and can’t perform and it’s because of desensitization.

Sometimes this is due to health reasons.

sexy woman on chair small

Sometimes it’s due to how life affects us. Sex with the same woman can become dull unless you CHANGE how you have the sex. It can become so dull, and she can shut down on you, and then you end up having to jerk off and you become desensitized.

Or, you can simply go from woman to woman, and experience desensitization this way. Guys who date and have sex with various women can become desensitized this way as well. Women are used to watching porn stars have sex and they often use the “Battery Operated Boyfriend” and don’t feel nearly as much either.

It’s up to you to fix the cause of the problem. 

Remember, Nature doesn’t care. Nature just wants you to put your sperm in her. That’s why condoms work. Nature is easily fooled — you can spurt out your semen into a tiny plastic bag and Nature still thinks you’re impregnating a woman.

Nature doesn’t care if you have your sensitivity or not. Or if you perform or not.

Discover the hacks that make performance easy

We call them “hacks” because they are easy things that fool our brains into selecting a new built-in program different from the built-in program we’ve been running that has not been working for us.

two redheads

We run built in programs all the time. The one we run unconsciously is all about wanting more, and not getting it, and with this constant wanting and not getting, we become desensitized and

It takes “super stimulus” to get us off

Sex is SO important to us and to our brains that it is more profound a problem than heroin or alcohol or gambling. 

Our brains no longer respond to “ordinary” stuff and it takes a lot to get us off. Eventually nothing gets us off.

It isn’t our fault. It’s how we’re built and the fact that nobody ever told us this stuff.

Well now someone is telling us this stuff. I’ve spent thousands of hours figuring it out and helping guys with it. It’s time to take this seriously.

No porn.

No fantasy.

No masturbation.

Avoid partner orgasm even — this can be vital for guys.

And I have some other ideas too. Go through the webinar if you haven’t already. Do the activities. Work at this. It’s so totally worth it and it works.  


I find your program works well, although I was skeptical at first.

Seemed like a lot of money.

But now feel it was money well spent.

Am enjoying the renewed sexual confidence.

Thank you.

–Steve W.


So I have an idea here…tell me what you think of it

Since this all works so well, what do you think about a 10 day challenge? 10 days to leave it be. 10 days to avoid masturbation, porn, fantasy and orgasm. 10 days to enter “flatlining” and begin really recovering. I’m just throwing that out there — let me know what you think


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