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I was telling you about how I had built a huge case of anticipation whenever I had a date.

I want to take a quick trip to something else that more than a few guys have asked recently.

One asked again a day or so ago.

This is basically, what if I have a bent unit?

There are extremes where your unit is so bent that it interferes with proper function during partner intercourse.

If you want to find out about that, go here

CAUTION: This is very graphic and you may not want to go there really.

Most men are worried about a bent unit because they think that women will laugh at them. Or that they won’t function in bed.

Neither are true.

Your woman won’t care if your unit is a bit bent.

Doesn’t matter to her at all.

How do I know this? Because I’ve asked lots of women and established this for a fact.

In fact, a little bendy action there may sometimes make it easier to give her more clitoral stimulation.

Listen: if you have a partner right now, or even if you don’t, you can provide her with more or less stimulation on her “magic button” pretty easily.

And this is a real key to making her happy, being able to adjust the angle of penetration for more or less stimulation there.

Bendy units may be an advantage here, lol.

So, will it interfere with proper function?

No, not at all, provided it isn’t a severe bend.

I am not a doctor and I can’t give medical advice but for most guys, this isn’t going to be any issue.


–Matt Cook

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Story Time :)

Been getting lots of questions in the mailbag. If you have one, comment at the bottom of this page and lay it on me.

When I was in high school I thought I'd be all studly...Photo Courtesy of:

When I was in high school I thought I’d be all studly…
Photo Courtesy of:

One question that came up recently was about performance anxiety. This certainly contributes to a lot of difficulty guys have. 

I thought I’d be a real studly when I was in high school. 

My best friend was doing 101 positions with his GF at the time and I couldn’t convince my GF to try much of anything short of kissing. 
But I felt I would be invincible. 

Meanwhile, I built a huge case of anticipation whenever I had a date. And that caused me to get the dreaded “blue balls” afterwards. And when we did go to bed, Mr. Pecker would not perform. 

It about killed me. 

This video shows you some practical things you can do about performance anxiety: 

I’ll tell you more about my experiences soon. Meanwhile, Big Bang has been available for a short while again — they are taking it back into the vault, so get your 60 day trial now (if you still can.)


Lasting Secret

January 15, 2013

Lasting 30 minutes or more is a matter of how well you can relax.

Did you know that?

Relaxation is what lets you last.

It’s when we tense up that we end it all — we reach the top of the mountain too quickly.

Relaxation helps you last longer.  Photo courtesy

Relaxation helps you last longer. Photo courtesy

Then we come and it’s gone and she still isn’t satisfied.

This can occur in 5 or 10 or 15 minutes, but the fact is this. Women require longer to warm up.

And the longer you can go at it in a fun and relaxed way, the greater the experience for your woman.

Men aren’t designed this way instinctively so us guys have to figure it out some other way. Genetically, we’re designed to get up in a heartbeat when an available female is around.

We’re here in this world because our ancestors, those guys before us, whipped it out and got it on quickly. The game was get the seed in her and let it sprout.

That was maybe 10,000 years ago but in evolutionary terms, that’s nothing.

We’re still built that way. We’re built to go at it quickly and dump our wad.

But women are built differently and here’s why.

Evolutionarily speaking, a woman needs a man. The man protects her, lets her raise children and shelters the weaker woman from all the injuries and threats. So women have been designed to out-last a man in the sack.

They are designed to get every last drop out of you, and then some, lol.

That way they can assure the highest probability of two things: 

1. That they are fertilized

2. That you the man gets wrung out and maxed out so you aren’t as likely to wander off to fertilize another female.

This is why women take a lot longer to really get maximum interest in what’s going on — and also, women can easily have multiples.

But men cannot easily have multiples.

So when you’ve come you’re done, is what it amounts to. That’s why if you focus on relaxation you can last 30 minutes or more and help give her multiples. 

Then you can have yours and you both will be completely happy with how things turned out.

And if you feel you have issues with lasting, or with entering, or with coming too quickly, this will really help you


–Matt Cook

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P.P.S. To see if this is available still, go here. If it says “full” I’m sorry.