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Unit won't get ready or stay ready

January 17, 2013
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A lot of guys tell me that their units won’t stay in “locked position” for very long.

Units are not really reliable. A man can’t make his unit get ready for a woman.

it is on the other hand quite easy to think of Grandma Ann and your unit will fall from attention quickly.

So a man can get rid of a hardon but can’t will one to happen.

It’s just how we are built.

Our units may not stay locked and ready or they may not ever get there.

There are many reasons for this problem but really the primary reason is desensitization.

Desensitization is a brain problem. It isn’t “all in your head” — it’s very real, the same as an infected tooth is “in your head” but real.

The stuff the docs give you is designed to treat physical problems. The little blue fellas they give you prevent the natural ending of nitric oxide that maintains things.

Nitric oxide also is involved with your heart and that’s why they have to be careful with these blue fellas.

But they don’t work for many men anyway because they don’t actually solve the desensitization issue.

We have identified four issues with men that we can help with through a simple at-home confidential method that works.

1. Getting and keeping hard
2. Lasting a long time
3. Premature
4. Desensitization from too-frequent porn use

We put this into trainings and you can get them right here right now.

And if you feel you have issues with lasting, or with entering, or with coming too quickly, this will really help you.


January 15, 2013
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One mistake guys make who are obsessing about their units (and I get this, I’ve done it too!) is to mentally test…

And so when they see a sexy girl, they focus their attention on their unit and whether they have a “semi” or not.

This isn’t helpful.

You really only know if things are working if you actually go to bed with a girl, or have an intense make-out session or something like that.

It is quite normal to have no feelings of a semi just seeing a pretty girl, and other times to have one for no real reason.

The truth is, men don’t have control over whether they GET hard or KEEP hard.

They only can bring one down (by thinking of something not sexy).

That’s how it is.

So being or staying hard is beyond your CONSCIOUS control, like your heart beating for instance.

And, the truth is, that your unit has its own life. It’s like it’s a separate person.

As soon as you realize this, you can relax. And relaxation helps more than anything else.

Relax and you will have last a long time when the time comes.

And, there are methods and stuff you can practice at home that can make things work a LOT better and make you a confident man indeed.

I’ll be showing you what those are in a web class I’m doing. Totally confidential and private.

Click here to register

There is no cost to this and a lot of info is packed in. It may already be full, and if so I apologize (we are limited to 250). Go here now and make sure you get in.


–Matt Cook

P.S. This web class is all about lasting a long time even if you haven’t been able to.

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