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women want a man who can be a man

I’m so upset that I thought I’d write this article that I’ve put off for a long time.

I’m upset because the tripe and garbage out there about what women “really want” is hurting men and hurting all of us.

So let’s set the record straight. I’ll do it by talking about Ross.

I was helping Ross (a composite student — I paraphrase here for brevity and use composites for convenience) find a girlfriend.

“Ross, are you still using porn?”

Ross said no, he had stopped. “I stopped and found things already started getting better.”

girl in bed

Men like Ross find that when they stop using porn and they stop porn fantasy, they begin looking at women differently. And the women look at them differently.

Women stop and check Ross out. “I had a woman yell ‘you’re hot’ from her car last night, it was cool!” And Ross told me about a waitress recently who “kept touching my shoulder and chatting me up when she didn’t need to. She was really attractive and I knew she wanted me to ask her out.”

Ross discovered the value of discontinuing porn and fantasy. Women are becoming more attracted to him. But now, he needs to undo a lot of what society has conditioned Ross to believe about women.

“What do you mean, Matt?” he asked me when I told him this.

So I thought I’d explain it here.

Let’s start out with the big myth…that  

You have to have money, a good job and good prospects to attract women

I told Ross, this is the worst myth of all.

Women love a guy with money. Of course, why wouldn’t they?

A doctor recently wrote in to me and said, he and his successful friends find women are attracted to them because they have money.

“I tell them that I’m a writer now, Matt,” he said. “That way I can tell if they like me, or are after me because I have money.”

Women can be super attracted to you if you have no money and no prospects. I told this to Ross and I proved it to him.

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What attracts women is a man who shows confidence. That’s the start and the end of it. Confidence attracts women. And you don’t need money to have confidence.

In fact, if you have money, you may be more confident because you have it. And women will find you more attractive because you are confident. 

But you can become just as confident even if you are poor and have no job. Guys get women all the time even when they have bad financial prospects, because they are confident guys.

And another myth is that

Women want men who are sensitive, caring, nice…

The attributes that women want in a husband and father include being kind to children, being a good provider, being faithful.

But the attributes that are most attractive to women are masculine, alpha male attributes.

They’re different.

In fact the attributes women say they want in a man are totally different from the attributes women actually want.

You can tell because women fall over themselves for the confident asshole, and leave the nice guy wondering what happened.

This is precisely why they say

Girls like bad boys

And it’s great girls, wonderful girls that are stunningly attractive, horny and faithful…they like “bad boys” too. They can’t help it. 

Because it’s not the bad they’re attracted to. It’s the confidence they’re attracted to. The man who doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks, who is just himself and looks women in the eye, lets them no what he wants and doesn’t care what they think.

That’s the man the women want.

girl in bed blonde

I told Ross some shortcuts I’ve discovered to being and acting confident without being an asshole. To other men and some women, these behaviors may make Ross seem uncaring, or insensitive. Maybe not nice.

But so what. Before I describe these shortcuts, let me go into the third horrible myth that

Men want sex more than women do, and sex is a way to reward men

Women love, love love sex. And maybe they enjoy it more than men do. They are capable of many orgasms and have more nerve connections for pleasure than men do in their genitals.

The difference with women is that the price of casual sex was much higher for women and biologically women are more wrapped up in the higher biological cost of sex. 

But nowadays, biology is meaningless due to birth control. Social conditioning and biology still impose this massive double standard on men.

But men don’t need to believe in this myth any longer. They can free themselves from it. And they can give women what the women really want.

A woman wants a man to act like a man, a man to overwhelm her with his masculinity and sweep her off her feet.

A man to give her the fucking she craves.

Most of my work is to help someone like Ross find a fantastic girlfriend rather than a chain of one night stands.

But knowing that women want and enjoy sex just as much as men do, and that men don’t need to buy women off in order for the woman to have sex, is very liberating for Ross and probably for all men once they understand this.

It is a key that unlocks the door to a stunning new lifestyle — even if you are “one woman” kind of man.

beautiful woman 

So anyway, Ross put my instructions into practice.

Note that Ross wasn’t actually more confident because of what I told him to do. But he was able to act more confident.

Women get wet and respond sexually to a man who acts confident…they can’t tell the difference between a man who is actually confident and one who acts confident

It’s a good thing too.

Of course, once Ross scores a few times, he’ll end up becoming more confident. And that will make it easier and easier.

If you want to become confident, you have to act confident. It’s that simple.

And it is working for Ross.

“They are all over me now,” Ross is reporting. “I already had a girl ask me out, and I have dates with two other hot girls that I met. One of them was on the street and we got into a conversation.”

Ross says that because of what I taught him, he has

Radar that picks up hot women without effort just by acting confident

 This radar gets hidden when men get too involved in:

1. Porn

2. Too much masturbation

3. Believing the tripe that is published and printed and put out about what women really want. This tripe is there because it is written by women and not by men who are willing to tell the truth.

man kissing woman

Not one man in 100 or 1000 even knows the truth about how to really attract women. The men who are “natural” at it know. And there are the PUAs, but they have their own problems.

Many pick up artists are terribly insecure and need to constantly pick up women in order to make themselves feel better about who they are.

The PUAs and the naturals can’t tell you what it really takes to appear confident and be the man that the women want. They are either oblivious to the truth, or they are acting out of their own insecurities.

No wonder I am angry. You can now understand why.

Nobody is telling men the truth!

You can be 100 pounds overweight and be massively attractive to women.

You can be poor as a churchmouse and get laid all you want.

What a woman wants is:

1. A man who will sweep her off her feet, and

2. Who acts confident in himself.

If you are looking for a great girlfriend you have to meet women first. With the right information rather than all the misinformation and lies, Ross has almost instantly displayed the confidence that overnight changes how women see him. And women are all over him without his having to “do” anything.

I’m doing a webinar on this method and I want to invite you. But before I do, I’m asking you to write one question you want answered. You can describe your situation and that would be helpful but be sure to ask a question.

I’ll take those questions into account and invite you to the webinar.


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P.S. Remember, leave a question. Describe your story or situation if you want, that’s always helpful. I will use what you post and it’s public so use a nickname if you want to remain anonymous. And I’ll invite you to the webinar. Thanks!