Meet Matt Cook

Matt Cook is a co-founder of Calworth Glenford LLC, and editor-in-chief of the acclaimed Daily Medical Discoveries.

When Matt was a baby, his mother and the doctors were worried about him.

He had terrible allergies and asthma even when he was six months old.

As Matt got older, his asthma became worse. And he developed prostate problems and blood sugar issues and high blood pressure.

In 2005, Matt began being coached on a new health solution.

In two weeks he stopped taking all six medications he was on.

Over the coming years, Matt became certified in coaching in this method and began researching other health methods, testing them on himself and a close circle of guys.

The result has been a pioneering set of courses that show men how to raise their testosterone naturally, how to shrink their inflamed prostate without surgery, and how to fully recover from diabetes and high blood pressure and go on to live happy lives without the need for harmful medications or medical procedures.

Matt’s personal and family life


Matt believes that in order to help others, you have to have your own life together.

Today Matt is celebrating 31 years of marriage and has two adult children who visit regularly and still like their parents.

Matt says, “the health problems I had were the greatest gift I ever had. They led me to where I am now. Men that I help feel the same way. Thanks to this journey, they are now experiencing more sensation than ever before, deeper connection with their wife or girlfriend, and health that is the envy of their friends.”

Matt hasn’t gone to the office to work for many years. He and his team work from home.

Recently he spent a month in Paris in an apartment, and a month in a beach house right on the sand.

He and his wife Jodi travel the world, seeking out new adventures.


Matt also has a rigorous travel schedule to research the latest in health and herbal breakthroughs. He regularly visits the jungles of Asia and the rainforests of South America looking for answers.

Matt loves photography and hiking. He and Jodi love to take rigorous hikes on the Appalachian Trail in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

He loves running, working out and sailing. He is also very fond of his 1964 Padron 1964 Anniversario Maduros (look it up, it’s a very fine cigar), and loves to prepare great food in his gourmet kitchen with Jodi at his side – Thai curries and cajun gumbos are some of his favorite dishes to make at home.

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