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Matt here. I’ve helped 12,000 guys get great satisfaction from sex and the one thing that everyone wants to know going into this is, will this work for me?

And the answer is, yes it will. And you have to realize something nobody ever reveals or teaches.

for realIf you watch the porn, every guy has a 9 inch wiener that stands straight and tall whenever he wants it to.

Real life doesn’t work that way. Real life works much BETTER than in the porn movies.

It may sound weird, but now that I’ve fully recovered, I’m thrilled that my penis doesn’t work the way the porn movies show.

In reality,

Sometimes my penis isn’t going to get as hard as it does other times..

I don’t know why this is but it is true. And I’ll tell you in a moment why I am thrilled about this!

It was always this way to some degree. But now that I’m older and I have sensitivity I probably never had since being a young teen, I really notice it more.

I can’t believe I missed it. Maybe you’re missing this too. It’s the fact that at least as we perceive them

Erections change, and women change


three girls on benchI notice that my perceptions of my woman change day to day, hour to hour. I always love her, but sometimes I crave her more madly than other times.

And the pleasure from sex is off the charts, but it’s 100,000% better than anything else or maybe only 99,999% percent – lol.

But it wasn’t this way before.

I was always struggling, always pushing

I’d try to get hard, I’d try so hard to be hard. I’d wish and want and push and push.

It took a long time before I realized, it’s also about listening and seeing and perceiving.

You can push and try, or you can just feel, and notice.

Erections don’t always happen when I want them to. They are not always as hard as I want them to be. 

The more I’m okay with that, the less I suffer.

 beautiful girl

Some days are rock hard for awhile. Others not so rock hard.

Erections always get more flexible for the duration. As this is where you feel more, with a snake-like penis rather than a towel hanger. Rock hard penises don’t feel as much as the snake-like erect penises do.

And it’s not just erections that are better some days than other days.

Feelings are higher some days than other days.

Sometimes I feel extremely passionate and intense, and other times not so much.

I’m pretty sure that it’s sort of like a pendulum swinging back and forth between a lot of passion and less passion. It is hormones going back and forth between not exactly extremes, but further points. In the middle is balance.

Sometimes if I’ve gotten too close to the edge for too many times, somehow in a few days, the pendulum swings back to the lower passion side.

It always swings back and even at the low side, my love for my woman and my feelings are thousands of times what they were before. 

And I’ve learned to appreciate these times too where it isn’t about the mad passion and I notice this.

And today I’m 

Always in the mood — more or less

As a result, I have sex a lot more often and for a lot longer than any time in my former life.

And sometimes my penis is more up the occasion than at other times.

Sometimes my woman is more ready and interested than other times.

smokin hot beach girl

I don’t wait until we’re in the mood. We have sex quite a lot and for a long time even if we’re not quite in the mood. Sex this way is about love and connection and an exchange of energies. 

Even when my erection isn’t as strong, it always works. I no longer stress out about this at all and strive to just notice and see what’s going on and be happy with whatever. Because

it’s more fun to surrender to what is, rather than try for something that isn’t

It’s fun to give up the struggle.

In fact, I think it’s perhaps a better thing not to have the strong passion each and every time. And for erections to be different each time.

It’s the rhythm of life and it’s wonderful.

I learned from a lot of Tao and Tantra tradition men and some in the more modern American tradition of a lot of sex, for a long time and very frequently.

And many of these practitioners emphasize not having a lot of passion as an ideal.

It’s that you are connecting without passion and just spend time together that way. And that the energy flows better between you without a huge turn-on.


If you aren’t feeling it today, or experiencing it today, maybe that’s better!

I’ll put that out there.

But this isn’t what I do and it isn’t really my experience. Maybe I’m not sufficiently enlightened but at least, it shows the variation that can exist in great sex and love-making.

In my world, the ideal is to get together with love for your partner and you notice your penis gets hard (sometimes after you insert soft) and you dwell in your partner’s smell and body and feel your love for her and it just goes on and on and time has no meaning and it could be an hour or two hours.

peru girl at beach

Sometimes it works exactly that way.

Sometimes it is about passion.

Sometimes it’s about feeling like a man and just loving to fuck.

It’s always different. Every erection is different, every time is different. What isn’t different is,

It’s never boring, and it’s always the best thing in the world.

It didn’t used to be that way.

Before…it got dull, I got interested in other women, there was always the search for the new position, the new place, the new thing.

The new woman.

That is all in the past and it’s always the most amazing, wonderful and pleasurable thing possible.

When you have this, you own the world. Nothing else is all that important and nothing really bad can happen. Your brain is in balance, your life is good and even adversity is just on the outside. Inside you are rich.

And best of all

It all works automatically…

My method works automatically.

It would have to. Because the desensitization happened automatically. And my method works that way too. 

And the problem goes away. And the penis starts having these great erections. And you begin feeling sensitivity you may have never felt in your adult life.

It isn’t something that requires pushing, or trying. That never works anyway. Have you noticed, LOL?

And if you want to know where to start, then register for this free web training that is the basis for everything I will reveal to you.



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