ED and Ejaculatory Problems? How to last 30 minutes, stay hard, and blow her mind…
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Join thousands of men who now have strong erections, keep it up for a long time, and have regained their sensitivity – without pills or special supplements.

Featured on ABC News

You are not alone. You smiling-womanare seconds away from getting rock hard erections, regaining your natural sensitivity and confidence, and completely getting over performance anxiety and ejaculation problems. The problem has been desensitization, and the solution is Big Bang: How to Last 30 Minutes, Stay Hard and Blow Her Mind video series. You’ll be able to maintain long bouts of intercourse even if you haven’t had an erection in a long time. And if you have been ejaculating too soon, you’ll discover the secret of lasting as long as you want — and she wants. Be anonymous and confidential from anywhere in the world.


Your bill will say “Calworth Glenford” on it and be about real estate. If asked you can say you purchased a real estate training course, as that’s what we’ll tell people. Try this amazing system out and if it’s not everything you expect, notify us by calling 877-691-3328 or emailing us at matt @ getrapidhelp.com anytime in 60 days for a full refund of every penny, no questions asked — and keep the course as our “thank you” for trying it out!



“Developed by internationally recognized relationship sex coach Matt Cook, who was recently interviewed by ABC News. Matt has identified THE system of “rebooting the brain” that has helped thousands of men regain their sexual function, and that is what he teaches. There are no supplements to take and nothing else you need to buy.”

” I got the rock hard erections I hadn’t had in years and I maintained them the entire time.”

” Now I am having no problem at all, a major improvement for me, and I am able to keep my erections”

” My sex life has been restored. Tonight’s sex was unbelievable. Probably the best I’ve had in years. That’s why I now believe I am ‘cured’. Then there’s the other benefits I’m feeling – beating anxiety and depression, better moods and everything else that goes with it.”


  • The perfect non-medical solution to fixing erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and delayed ejaculation (where you have difficulty having an orgasm inside a woman)
  • The only method of regaining your natural sensitivity that consistently works without pills or special supplements
  • The secrets to making love for 30 minutes or longer and staying hard, even if you’ve had ED or haven’t had erections for a long time
  • How to be totally fearless in bed with this one simple trick that conquers performance anxiety forever
  • Appears on your credit card bill as Calworth Glenford as if it’s a real estate how-to course
  • Video course along with downloadable PDF files — the complete transcript of the course, and two special bonus ebooks written by Matt Cook especially for you
  • How to regain your feeling and sensitivity using solo sex techniques — so masturbation becomes fantastic training for when you are with your partner
  • Secrets of T Levels Revealed
  • Tell your Partner or not? Conceal or Reveal Strategies so you can choose
  • How to get the brain’s “sex center” revving again like new even if you suffer “performance anxiety” — you won’t anymore
  • How to deal with condoms without fear
  • One easy way to really make her happy (that she doesn’t expect)
  • This one pleasurable technique builds incredible closeness in just a few nights
  • This simple trick lets you get an erection with your woman even when you think you can’t
  • High blood pressure, diabetes and pills – Three simple strategies to beat their effects and please your partner


“Sex has been fixed – before my erections were getting weaker and weaker and I could not get to orgasm and could go on for hours trying to no avail”

“My sex life with my wife is much better than I ever remember in 30 years! And that is greatly due to our bonding and my new perspective. If I can change at age 50, I believe it is a good example for anyone.”

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