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Hey, there, Matt Cook here, and I want to invite you to ask any question you want and I’ll answer it.

1. Just hit REPLY to this email and ask anything you want.

2. I’ll answer some of those questions here tomorrow.

3. I will never use any personally identifiable information and everyone benefits.

Just to get you started, I get questions all the time and here are a few.

Question: does just viewing porn hurt anything? If I just look but don’t touch, is there any harm in that?


For some guys, just viewing porn has no effect because their brains aren’t designed that way.

For other guys, their brains are very sensitive to porn and yes, even viewing it can cause a lot of issues.

The actual viewing of porn sets off a chain of hormonal chemistry type stuff in their brains (I’m one of those guys by the way) and desensitization sets in.

Question: I’m having a lot of issues with my woman in terms of not being to be enter, hardness…right now. Any quick fix you can suggest in the meantime?


Sure. Try soft entry. It really is a neat experience.

You lubricate your member (use almond oil, or a so-called personal lubricant, or cocoa butter that’s melted) and you have her kind of open her lips a little and you insert into her.

Yes, this works even if you are soft.

Usually it gets hard once you are inside. If not, then you can hang out there anyway and both of you get a lot of pleasure out of it.

This works best with you on top. Have her lie back, and she opens her lips with her fingers and you are on your knees and you insert and then lie on top of her.

Again, ask me anything. Hit REPLY and I’ll do my best to answer here — keeping everything about your identity private.

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