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How to Last 30 Minutes or More Without So-Called ‘Stamina’ or Pills
(And Totally Blow Her Mind)

Matt Cook here, 

Just here in my front, my beautiful front yard and I wanted to tell you about this little mini course I wanted to do for a long time. So I thought we just do it right now.

This is about how to last 30 minutes or more.


Most women have never had a good lover.

The sad fact is that most women have not ever had a good lover. Really, most women have had really lousy experiences with men.

They just don’t realize it because they never had a good man in bed to compare with. And also they may sense that something is wrong but they don’t know what it is and it’s such a big topic of shame for women.

Most of the time, they just let it go until eventually they shut down and stop wanting sex altogether. And that’s the reason that a lot of men have women that are completely shut down to them or not interested in sex very often.

The frequency that people have sex now – married couples who had been together for fair amount is about once a week.

It’s maybe twice a week when they are younger.  And after a while it gets less and less frequent and it just gets more boring and routine. And it just drives women to, you know, to a point where they aren’t interested anymore.

The reason that many women get shut down is that sex is really very male focused.

Sex starts and ends with the man’s penis. It starts with the erection and ends with this ejaculation. And it’s basically something that is sort of done to a woman rather than with a deep, great intimacy.

So there is certainly a good time to fuck a woman and women do like to be fucked sometimes, but most often there’s a degree of intimacy that can be built into sex that is not present the way the men generally have sex.

And so what they are doing is they sometimes start with a bit of oral sex then they’ll put their penis in and three, five, ten minutes later they come and that’s it. Then they roll over and go to sleep. No wonder women aren’t that crazy about this.

The reality is women are totally much more capable of sexual pleasure than a man is. So women can have multiple orgasms.

A man can have multiple orgasms if he can stop ejaculating. Some men have learned how to control their ejaculations and have an orgasm without ejaculation. But in general most men ejaculate and it’s over. There’s a pretty big refactory period which can be an hour or more when a men is a little bit older, or a middle age. They can’t have an erection for that and it’s not gonna be interested.

Women are just getting started when men are done.

So the reality is men are not lasting long enough. They also don’t know how to give pleasure to a woman the right way. They don’t know how a woman’s body really works and women are too shy, too ashamed, too unconscious, too desensitized to even begin to try to educate a man about how to do that.

Men’s egos are too big. The dynamic between men and women. It just isn’t gonna happen. So she’s not gonna be able to tell you what she really wants and how to work her body the right way.

multiple orgasms

Women’s orgasms go in peaks and valleys. She can have intense pleasure multiple times in a single sexual session.

The third thing that men don’t understand about women’s multiple orgasm is that it has to work with not just all an upward curve but has to work more like peaks and valleys.

More like this, you see. It goes up and down and up in an upward curve and each of these can be an orgasm. So women can have a number of orgasms this way.

But most men do it this way. It’s just one straight curve of orgasm and it’s done. Not very good. That’s why women are so rarely satisfied with what I call “come and done” sex.

Now in unconscious, no one’s causes it is not their fault. Women aren’t telling them they just don’t know and women just assume that this is how men are so women don’t expect anything any different.

The real secret to getting lots of really great sex, really often.


Well, this opens up a huge opportunity because you can be the guy that opens things up for your woman, just in a way that’s she never had it open before. You can have the most immense pleasure. Let me give you my example, my story.

I was with a woman. I’ve been with that woman for a long time and although we had a lot more sex than a lot of my friends, eventually it got stale and boring. And I thought to myself, “Is there all this is?” And I was totally devastated about facing the rest of my life with the sex declining in frequency, declining in quality, just getting worse and worse.

So I set up my mind to figure out a solution to this.

I researched hundreds of books, articles, went on to numerous experts’ websites and forums and interviewed people because I’m in the publishing business. I have a unique way of getting access to a lot of people that most people wouldn’t have. And I made some major discoveries about sex that totally changed my entire life and I began to apply those in my life and it just changed everything.


Last a long time really please yourself and your woman and get the most pleasure you’ve ever had in your entire life…

So, first of all, we have an unbelievable intimacy that we did not have before even though we always have a close relationship. We’re just intimately closer now than we ever were which is like an amazing feeling. And I have that feeling all the time.

I wake up thinking of her. I think of her during the day. I think of her all the time. And I have the most warm, wonderful feelings about her all the time. We really compare it to maybe the first we met, it wasn’t even that good when we first met. We also have a lot of very frequent and lengthy intercourse. It goes for a long time and it goes very often. I think everybody deserves to have a lot of intercourse very often.

What that did is it changed my life because I stop having a feeling of lack or shortage of not getting enough. And all my friends, all my male friends all say the same thing. If you wanna kill your sex life, stay with the same person for a while.

You know how it is. You’ll never get enough. Men go around the whole – everyday, all the time not getting enough. Feeling like they’re having a lack or shortage in their life. Feeling that they’re missing something and so what they do is they pursue things like working out, making money. All of it to get more sex.

Now, they may not think about it that way but that’ what men do. They want to have more sex that’s natural. It’s the most powerful drive that we have.

And so when you learn to last a long time and really, really please yourself and your woman, you stop having a feeling of lack or shortage in life. You have this feeling of getting enough. It’s what I call “sexual prosperity”. And what happen is your actual real financial prosperity grows. You get in better shape and better health. She looks better. She looks younger.

You are always talking about my woman and saying, “Can’t believe your age. Just can’t believe.” And you can’t. It’s just unbelievable. She’s very, very sexy, very attractive, beautiful woman. She seems younger than she did ten years ago. It’s because she has the first time a very, very satisfying, wonderful, fulfilling sex life and I do, too.

On the next page, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna show you five reasons why men aren’t lasting long enough and what they can do about it.